A Reset of the Church . . . A Reset of America

Galatians 6:7 Be not deceived.  God is not mocked.  For whatsoever a man sows, that shall he also reap.  For the one who sows to his own flesh will from the flesh reap corruption, but the one who sows to the Spirit will from the Spirit reap eternal life.

Through Pastor Tim Sheets (June 04, 2023) the Holy Spirit said,

“I will now deal with the oppressors of My people. I will move swiftly and with jealous aggression with My first responders. For I have heard their cries and will break the hold of the taskmaster’s rule over them, though they bowed their necks in stubborn resistance. I will lead them with nose rings to their place of destruction. Like oxen to the slaughter, I will pull them to stalls of disgrace. The commanding influence of the oppressor’s curse will break from the hearts of My people. The disheartening crack of the taskmaster’s whip will no longer be heard by My sons and daughters. They will not carry the burden of their oppressors. They will not toil for their enemy’s gain. They will not work as slaves of cultural brutality. They will not glean empty fields because they worship Me. No, they will own the fields where once they gleaned.

The breaking sound heard by My triumphant remnant will be the cracking sound of their oppressor’s authority shattering. The words of their pharaoh will be as chaff in the winds as My angels scatter their defiance. Michael and his chariots of fire have received their orders. Gabriel has communicated strategies through angel armies. Breakthrough angels are now activated. Pharaoh will not have the final word. I will have the final word.

Ekklesias, contend in faith as I harden the heart of your enemies. I will harden the hearts of your enemies for devastating defeat. Set your heart on what I say. Set your minds with now faith, expecting to live in a promised place. Move forward toward to new times and seasons that I have prepared for you. Move forward into reformation that I have planned for you. Move forward into positions of authority that I have ordained for My people, My heirs, and My ekklesia. Move forward into harvests that I have ripened for you. Move forward against giant strongholds that I am uprooting and tearing down and I will plant new just as I told My prophets.

Move forward, pioneers, through dark wilderness and blaze the way for families to follow. Move forward, pioneers, and be pathfinders to milk and honey. Open trails to new levels of glory. Respond with Me and reset history. For know, says the Lord, the next three months (June, July, and August) will be months of great anointing to grow reformation and prepare you for the fall season.

Know the next three months will be months when great reformation will rapidly surge. Know the next three months, the seeds of faith planted by My people, with their decrees, will accelerate to fullness producing the fruit of the seed that is sown and My people will enter into new times. The faith decrees they’ve sown will accelerate to fullness and My people will enter new times.

Embrace and move forward into the reset I have planned that will now unfold through September and beyond. Decree your faith and activate My Kingdom’s power. Decree your faith and activate angel armies and assistance so that the supernatural reset may begin.”

The Lord also says,

“I am rewriting the story of the downcast, the bruised, the forsaken, the wounded, and the captives. Their witness of Me shall be My declaration throughout the ages. I am the Lord mighty to save. I will march when I want to march. I will go wherever I want to go and I will do whatever I want to do.

The attempt of the forever loser and his kingdom to resist Me shall be futile. I have set My face and I will not relent. I will not stand down. The cup of iniquity in this nation is full and I will now drain this cesspool.

Goat nations and states that have shook their fist at Me will now be shaken by ripened calamities. The shaking shall increase until their pharaoh says, let them go and My remnant will break through. Do not fear cancel culture. Do not fear, do not faint, do not quit, do not turn back. Advance with Me and My Kingdom.

Enter by faith the new season of breakthrough, moving forward in My Name and cancel the assignment of demons. Cancel the work of hireling shepherds. Cancel the work of thrones of iniquity. My church cannot be canceled. Prevail means prevail.”

Further Resources

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