The Billy Graham Prophecy

I Timothy 2:1-2 I exhort you, first of all, that you pray for kings and all who are in authority, that we may lead a quiet and peaceable life in all godliness and reverence.

The Spirit of God says, “Even as Billy Graham dies, I will raise up two of him.  I will raise up two of “Billy Graham,” says the Lord.  God said, our soil surrounded him to Me, and so shall your soil surrendered him to Me, and so shall your soil receive him.”

For the Spirit of the God says, “I will raise up two great men, no – one man and woman, again from this soil.”

And God said, “Evangelism shall take place through the news media and the arts and in the business arena . . . In the day that he dies, the eyes of the prophets shall see the Lord high and lifted up.  The prophetic shall gain a new dimension of sight . . . a dimension of sight that the Body of Christ has never seen. Do not say, is he this domination or that?  God said, two shall be raised up who shall become two nations and forces, and those shall come from the world shall thank you.

Prophecy given by Kim Clement in 2013!

On February 21, 2018, a Statesman Evangelist, the Reverend Billy Graham, left this blue marble planet for eternity.  On February 28, 2018 his humble pine casket was taken to the US Capitol Rotunda in the nation’s capital, Washington D.C. Many leaders of this nation came to pay their respects, there was, in fact, a thorough prophetic transformation began taking place in America.

Billy Graham was born-again under the ministry of Mordecai Hamm.  Hamm was the owner of a dairy farm, who was born-again in 1934, after a prayer meeting right on his very land.  Many Charlotte businessmen had gathered on his land to pray for a ministry leader who would rise up and preach the Gospel to their city and the very ends of the Earth!  Just a few months later, Mordecai Hamm, led 15-year-old Billy Graham to the Lord.

In the late 1940s, Graham led a historic revival in America.  His popularity soon hit the newspapers and by the mid 1950s he was filling stadiums when he spoke as a statesman evangelist to America.  Many do not know but he actually recruited Dwight D. Eisenhower to run for the highest office in the land.  Billy Graham spoke from a context merging patriotism and Christianity in the public square – he was a voice of comfort as the Cold War was gaining momentum.  His message was simple, national repentance in America would save a nation.  His message was:

  1. Jesus Loves You
  2. Jesus Died for You
  3. Jesus Rose from the Dead
  4. Jesus Can Change your Life
  5. Jesus made an Eternal Home for you in Heaven

In his later years, he did not preach as much but was behind the scenes as an intercessor for America, standing in the gap for the wrongs in the nation.  By the time his body laid in state in February 2018, he would say he was more alive than ever – rejoicing in heaven.  But was the cover he provided over America still in place as he spent much time praying for an awakening in America?  Was the hour of Christian patriotism still in place or was this a symbolic final moment in American history?

I know that Kim Clement was not the only to prophecy about the change when Billy Graham left the earth.  I believe there are many statesman evangelists that will rise out of the ashes and continue with the prayer and preaching of Billy Graham, and it is surely happening now.  These arising statesman evangelists will minister to the country and stabilize its health for all those who will receive it, they will minister with an anointing to:

  1. Speak to the Destiny of a Nation
  2. Deliver an Uncompromised Message
  3. Issue a Spiritual Summons to the People
  4. Minister to Kings and National Leaders

These ministers and national leaders will align and realign the nation to its true identity in Christ.  This will resurrect this covering over the nation and call the nation out of chaos and into a peace.  This will be the 3rd great awakening in America, it is the move the Body of Christ must faithfully await and pray for.  Do not let what happened in 2018 with the passing of the great statesman evangelist Billy Graham go unnoticed.  It has been 6 years, but time is short and this Awakening will come to pass! Be ready as you watch and pray for God to move in America!

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