The Destiny of a Nation

2 Chronicles 7:14. If My people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray, and seek My face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land.

As America ventures into another voting season nationally, as well as the state and local levels consider the destiny of the Nation.  Many people know that God has a destiny for individuals, that no two people are alike, and each have an ability to shape their future through decisions they make as well as prayer.  I am of the belief that nations also have a destiny.  As a person can shape their future through prayer and decisions, so can a nation!

How can a nation shape its future, its destiny?  It does this through what it sows, and whatsoever a nation sows it will also reap.  If they align themselves with the purposes of God, they will experience the blessings of God.  However, aligning with purposes that are contrary with God, they will be a broken nation.

Every American must understand this! Being that it is now fall and we are moving into November we should attempt to understand the totality of what the Pilgrims sowed into America in the early days. Seed that was sown over 400 years ago by our Pilgrim ancestors is still producing a harvest in our Nation!  We must retrace their steps and understand what they sowed to build the successes we have seen in America over the past four centuries.

The Pilgrims were led by William Bradford (  Bradford was spiritually mature for his age.  He and his wife left behind their four-year-old son to take the voyage to America.  He had a very deep commitment to God through Scripture study and was an active participant in home prayer meetings. These home meetings were led by a strange people who called themselves “Separatists.” They became the Pilgrims.  These Pilgrims wanted to separate from any form of government or legal connections in matters of religion. 

If you read William Bradford’s great writings found in a classical masterpiece called Of Plymouth Plantation: 1620 – 1647, I believe you would find that their most effective tool was ‘collective fasting and prayer.’  The whole community would proclaim a day to fast and seek God.  They typically used the word humiliation when they were pointing to collective fasting and prayer.  Their whole life was focused on four beautiful words: purity, order, liberty, and beauty.  You can see this type of humiliation Biblically in 2 Chronicles 7:14.

Let us as Americans pray that Christians will vote their Biblical values.  Pray the Holy Spirit will open the eyes of their understanding to truth and compel them to vote in the November 8 election.

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